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Luck Rep Group is the culmination of hard work and a bit of superstition. We represent a mix of quality contract furnishings and interior products that span multiple vertical markets in Colorado and Wyoming.

'Luck is the residue of design' - Branch Rickey

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Luck Rep Group is an independent manufacturers organization serving the A&D and contract furniture dealer communities. We take great pride in our responsiveness and overall excellent service to our clients.

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A horseshoe hung above my mother’s pottery studio when I was a child. I removed this old, rusted horseshoe from her studio before a construction project was set to demolish the structure a few years ago. Today the horseshoe hangs in my kitchen to help bring our family daily good fortune. Thinking on the countless conversations my patient mother had with me as a child about why the horseshoe was there, why it was mounted upside down, why would you need good luck and why on earth you’d sell office furniture makes me smile and helped to inspire our name.

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